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Stain & Transform

Inside or outside, infuse your walkways, driveways, patios, plazas and pavements, with gorgeous marbleized hues of natural color and beautiful patina.

Old World Concrete transforms ordinary residential or commercial concrete into beautiful works of art using a variety of stain techniques.

Perfect for homes or businesses looking for style that is virtually maintenance-free. Those suffering from allergies find concrete staining especially appealing.

Only the Best

Exquisite Color, Lasting Finish

We use a combination of metallic salts in a water-based solution that are slightly acidic to penetrate and etch the surface of the slab.

By reacting with the free lime available after concrete has been fully cured, stains penetrate and etch new or existing concrete.

Stains form permanent precipitates, becoming part of the concrete surface and the color remains in the concrete pores which won’t chip, crack, fade or peel.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are eco-friendly, durable and can be finished in a variety of lusters from matte to high gloss to fit any style.

Metallic Epoxy

Game rooms, old garage floors, kitchens and bedrooms can be resurfaced using opaque and metallic epoxy/polyurethane coatings for a marbled or tile-like finish.

Interior Concrete Designs

Smooth interior floors can be made to look and feel like marble or granite.

Outdoor Concrete Designs

The Hill Country is filled with concrete treasures awaiting stains and scoring.

Copper Patina

The translucent, mottled effects and broad drifts in color are considered characteristics, not flaws and will give your concrete the Old World beauty of timeworn patina.

Porches & Driveways

Concrete porches, patios, and driveways are designed to resemble natural stone.

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Inspiration & Trends

Specialized floor micro-grinding equipment can turn any concrete into a gorgeous, smooth glass-like surface.