Our Team

The Best in the Business

After nearly a million square feet of staining together, we have transformed over 1000 homes and businesses. Our passion is to harness the unique properties of concrete to create stunning works of art. Using stains, dyes, and iron-oxide pigments, Old World is able to transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary colorful hardscapes.

“We uncover hidden beauty in concrete that was once unimaginable.”

Ken Kimler


Simply Polished

Polished concrete floors are eco-friendly, durable and can be finished in a variety of lusters from matte to high gloss to fit any style.

Quality, Creativity, Reliability

Our Team

Ken Kimler


“We embrace the philosophy of preparation awaits opportunity at Old World. We tailor our work to match your vision.”

Travis Kimler

Vice President

“Who says you cannot work with your family. We would not have it any other way.”

 Judith Kimler


“If I could have only one floor in our home, the answer is always concrete.  It really is the simplest solution with so many options.”

Keri Kimler Sprung

“My dad and my brother are true professionals and talented artists. The innovations are endless and the results are always breathtaking.”